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Objective of Clinical Rotations

Peripheral Observation:

  • Learn patient interaction from a variety of practitioners
  • Gain experience in various diagnoses’ presentations
  • Learn strategy development plans
  • Learn measuring/molding techniques
  • Learn chart documentation
  • Learn “L” coding procedure
  • Learn work order completion procedure
  • Become comfortable in patient setting
  • Learn functions of a clinic
  • Maintain fitting/molding room in working order

Direct Supervision:

  • Gain confidence/familiarity/skill in measuring technique
  • Gain confidence/familiarity/skill in casting technique
  • Gain confidence/familiarity/skill in modifying techniques
  • Gain confidence/familiarity/skill in communicating with patients
  • Gain confidences/ familiarity/skill in interpreting prescriptions/diagnoses
  • Gain proper charting techniques
  • Learn proper “L” codes and their use
  • Learn insurance verification/coverage policy and procedures
  • Learn communication techniques between clinician and technician

Indirect Supervision/Credentialed Orthotist/Prosthetist:

  • Gain independence in measuring/casting/modifying techniques
  • Improve patient communication skills
  • Exhibit skill in prescription interpretation
  • Exhibit skill following NOPCO policy and procedures of charting techniques
  • Exhibit confidence in providing direct patient care
  • Exhibit ability to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner
  • Be a positive, functional member of the clinical team
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