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Benefits of Scanning for Patients

(aka Computer Aided Design, or "CAD")

For years now the movie industry has used scanning to turn small handmade models to into something fit for the big screen.  The detail is incredible:

Fortunately for us & our patients, this technology has been adapted for us in patient care.  Instead of taking a plaster of fiberglass cast to get an impression of the patientís body, we can simply scan.  No mess.  Better detail.  Better fitting & more comfortable orthosis or prosthetic device!

The process takes about the same amount of time as casting but the added benefit of increased comfort in the brace (orthosis) has greatly improved our patient care.  Many patients, families & doctors alike have all asked what we are doing different Ö the braces have been fitting so well!
Now scanning is not for every circumstance however our staff & the staff of our clinical partners will use this approach whenever it is appropriate.  In addition to better compliance (patient actually complying with the wear schedule of the brace), our clinicians are able to use dimensional data to prove results in some cases which further helps us to improve the care we provide.


If you or a loved one requires a device, we hope you are able to enjoy the benefits of the latest in cutting edge technology!
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