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Objective of Orientation / Technical Phase

Mold Room:

  • Orientation
  • Interpreting work order
  • Evaluating impression (proper angles)
  • Preparing/filling/striping impression/cast
  • Preparing model for modification
  • Develop hand skills
  • Learn modification techniques/biomechanical principle
  • Keeping area in working order

Oven Area:

  • Interpreting work order
  • Gain familiarity with fabrication technique
  • Gain familiarity with materials
  • Develop hand skills
  • Keeping area in working order

Assembly/Finishing Area:

  • Interpreting work order
  • Gain skill in the use of equipment
  • Learn various trim lines and biomechanics behind them
  • Gain familiarity with common components
  • Develop hand skills
  • Learn finishing techniques
  • Learn basic sewing techniques and sewing machine maintenance
  • Keep area in working order
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