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Plagiocephaly Outcomes

The data below has enabled us to accurately perdict the duration of treatment for patients with any degree of cranial deformation.  Therefore we can have intelligent conversations with the family so the expectations of results and the timing of those results are clear.


Cranial Results - 8 month sampling from our Quality Assurance program.


  -  415 patients with plagiocephaly over an 8 month period at Children's Hospital.

  -  These patients completed all appointments and were scanned at least 3 times; at fit, at roughly 6 weeks of helmet wear, and at discharge.  


The chart below depicts the patient outcomes in groups; separated by type of treatment (Cradle/Helmet) and by age in weeks.

  -  Data is of 484 patients of which130 were enrolled in PlagioCradle treatment and 354 had helmeting treatment.

In review of the data collected, the chart shows the age at the start of treatment is most influential in determining the length of treatment. Early intervention, or prevention for high risk patients, is crucial to providing the best care and treatment regimen for deformational Plagiocephaly patients.


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