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The CuddleCup™ is a contoured sleep surface with a layered molded head-cavity, minimizing pressure points on the infant’s head. With a layered surface, the CuddleCup is adaptable with changes in your child’s head size throughout the first 3 months of life or longer for infants with limited mobility.

The CuddleCup™ should only be used on infants under a medical professional’s care. Infants with brachycephaly (symmetrical flattening on the back of the head) should not be fitted with the CuddleCup™. The CuddleCup™ is typically recommended for children who are 0-3 months in age and must be discontinued immediately when the infant exhibits signs of being able to roll over.


 CuddleCup™ Instructions

CuddleCup™ Informational Sheet

Prevention of Deformational Plagiocephaly in Hospitalized Infants Using a New Orthotic Device, Michele DeGrazia

CuddleCup™ Pricing Sheet


Video: Management of Deformational Plagiocephaly in Hospitalized Infants Using a Novel Device



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