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Overview of Lower Limb Conditions in Children

The phrase "lower limb conditions" covers all defects and abnormalities of the hip, femur, knee, tibia, ankle, hindfoot, forefoot, and toes. In children, lower limb conditions can include congenital abnormalities as well as conditions that develop throughout growth, whether from unknown origins or as a result of illness, infection, or trauma.

These conditions can often be improved or corrected with the use of orthoses such as those manufactured by Boston Brace. In less flexible abnormalities, the use of an orthotic brace can prevent the condition's progression. Orthoses are designed to support and stabilize the affected area, while reducing the pain associated with the condition.

Please click here to learn more about Lower Limb Conditions. This illustrated selection, excerpted from A Simple Guide to Orthopaedics, organizes lower limb conditions into two classifications, aetiological and anatomical, and provides a comprehensive introduction to many common lower limb conditions along with their treatments.
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