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Off the Shelf Solutions

Boston Brace Scoliosis Modules ›

Scoliosis can be treated a number of ways and by a number of different types of braces.  Even within the Boston Brace system there are options; custom to measurement, custom to cast/scan or a standard sized module.  These modules are made to fit most patients and allows for reduced time to bracing as you can have these on your shelves to try on the patient during their first visit.  This allows for the same great outcome that a Boston Brace provides with reduced number of patient visits.  Part of the initial break through in treating scoliosis was the fact that 80% of patients could be fit with a handful of stock sizes.  Treatment improved with the genius of blue printing but time to treatment improved with our modules!


Body Jacket Standard Sized Modules ›

The Boston Body jacket is designed to immobilize the spine after trama or surgery.  The TLSO promotes shorter hospital stays and is therefore the ideal post-operative brace for your patients.  With these available in standard sizes they can be ready for your patients when you need them.  Available in full front or low profile front with sternal bar and pad.


Terrapin TLSO & LSO Brace ›

To further save time, we've designed the Terrapin™ to be the fastest, easiest body jacket to get on or off. That's an added convenience for patients, clinicians and caregivers, alike.


Boston Overlap Brace Modules ›

The Boston Overlap Brace is a member of the Boston Brace family of spinal products. It is a versatile, low-priced, easy-to-apply, medium-duty, method for treating indications like Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis or where back pain is evident. The Boston Overlap Brace is also highly recommended as an alternative where other bracing methods have been ineffective.

Boston LSO Brace ›

Our new Boston LS is the off-the-shelf LSO that’s on the leading edge of better patient care. Its removable posterior and anterior rigid panels restrict motion, while its crest rolls prevent migration. Quality designed and constructed, the Boston LS is as easy to don as it is to stock. Double elastic overlap makes it simple for patients to put on and take off, as well as to adjust for the desired tension.


Boston Soft Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) › 

This brace is made with non-allergenic foam for easy cleaning with just soap and water along with built-in heel relief that helps to promote patient comfort.  These are easily trimmed with sizes to fit most patients creating an inexpensive alternative to a custom AFO.  An optional anti-rotation stabilizer can be added for a small charge.

Hip Abduction Brace › 

This Hip Abduction brace is for treating children from infants to 3 years of age with hip dysplasia. It holds hips in the correct abduction position, but flexible enough to allow walking. Can be used full time or for night wear only.

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