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Lower Limb Solutions for Parents

The goal of this section is to cover a lot of ground in general terms.  Please rest assured that you can contact us, the most convenient NOPCO location or location of one of our Clinical Partners and we will be happy to address questions and perhaps get you scheduled for an appointment to come see us. 

We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of care with teh most advanced technology available.  Evidence of that is the way we utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology.  Others may use it however non quite capture teh clinical value from it that we do!

Our manufacturing of all braces occurs with the best materials available along with the skill & dedication of our staff which will help you shoose these materials based on age, weight, & diagnosis among other variables.  We strive for consisten excellence and hope that you trust us with this portion of care. 

Lower Limb Bracing

The world of Orthotics & Prosthetics (O&P) is a small one therefore one that not many people know anything about until they or a loved one is required to wear a device.  This is actually how many O&P professionals got into the business to begin with!  Therefore, we understand that the news that you or someone you love needs an orthotic or prosthetic device can be overwhelming.  The emotional concern is plenty, let along all the new terms.  And unless you have studied human anatomy recently, it is probably difficult understanding how & why the brace is being designed.  We hope this section wil help.  We focused it on the lower extremity because the vast majority of orthotic care occurs in this region of the body.  Each of the following sections addresses each major type of lower limb bracing offered through Boston Brace.


AFO - Ankle-Foot Orthosis

KAFO - Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Night Time Bracing

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