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Lean Manufacturing


At Boston Brace we are dedicated to pursuing the advancement of technology and the continuous improvement of the processes involved in the O&P "Patient Care Cycle". We are in the unique and fortunate position to operate two significant businesses both in the clinical and manufacturing areas of the field. This enables us to evaluate, streamline, and improve every step of the process, from physician referral, through the treatment process, to follow up evaluation. Extensive work and care is devoted to supporting each of our patients needs and the ongoing focus to improve the entire process is our responsibility.

We have dedicated this page to providing ongoing updates that illustrate our top projects and achievements for the continuous improvement of the "Patient Care Cycle"!


Lean Manufacturing

In late 2006, Boston Brace embarked on a mission to evaluate ourselves and how we operate at all levels. With the guidance and support of the "Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership - GBMP", we began our journey into realizing where the true values lie within each and every step of what we call the "Patient Care Cycle". This cycle encompasses each and every step or process necessary throughout the care of any given patient. Considering that within Boston Brace/NOPCO, we perform the complete O&P clinical care process, the manufacturing and distribution processes, the insurance authorization and claims management, and the quality assurance throughout, we are in a unique position to truly evaluate the complete cycle.

We will soon be adding some of the highlights and achievements of our journey to this page.

Boston Brace is proud to be selected by GBMP for a plant tour on Thursday, June 26th. Please visit the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership website to learn more about the tour and how you can begin your own journey towards incorporating the Continuous Improvement Philosophy in your organization.

Boston Brace statement from the GBMP website:
"Over the course of the last 18 months, Boston Brace has reorganized 90% of the manufacturing area, implemented a new software package, and made gains throughout the organization with the introduction and implementation of Lean concepts, learned with the help of GBMP."


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