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About Us

Our mission today, as it was when we were formed over 35 years ago, is to be recognized as the leading provider of pediatric orthotic and prosthetic patient care and products in the United States; and to utilize that standing to substantially improve the quality of care for all orthotic and prosthetic services at our clinics and with our partners; and, to provide substantial returns for investors and solid career opportunities along with financial stability for our employees.


The belief system we utilize to achieve our Mission is as follows:

  • If we treat each patient we see and each brace we fabricate for patients as if the patient is one of our own children, our business will thrive.
  • The orthotics and prosthetics industry needs to focus on patient outcomes and education to improve the quality of care provided to be recognized as a key component of the medical care system for the long-term. We are committed to both.
  • The front end of the process is where the best and most lasting improvements are made. LEAN theory is the best system today for improving processes. We believe in LEAN.
  • New products and services, where possible, should focus on preventing medical problems that require our care from ever being needed.

A Measurement of Success

At Boston Brace, we measure success in very human terms: our products change people's lives, sometimes very dramatically. We are aware of the pressures you face, and we constantly fine-tune our operations to make sure they align with your ideas of reliability and responsiveness. Our goal is to develop more thoughtful, more effective bracing technologies through a real-world, relevant approach to research and development. All of the products we develop are representative of our comprehensive approach; in addition to maintaining fast-to-fit stock inventory, we will also work with you to develop highly complex custom orthoses.


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